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Billing & Payment (2)

Billing or Payment Issues

If you have any problems or questions regarding billing or payment problems, paid subscription activation difficulty, etc., E-Mail Billing. Please include the username you made the payment under, and the date the payment was made if possible. If you have the receipt we e-mailed you, please include that. For information on subscriptions, see CCBill information.

Credit Card Security

Jmeeting.com does not store credit card data on our servers. Your data is transmitted by secure form to our processor via the payment gateway. No credit card information is ever stored on Jmeeting servers.

General (1)

I don’t see the java applet

Please make sure you hava java 7 installed. You can test and update your java version here.

Technical Support (3)

All cams require a Password and your cam is Forbidden

This occurs when your time zone, date or time are not matched to your location. If you are not certain of your time zone, please go to http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ and enter your closest main city. Your PC clock is normally located in the bottom right corner of your monitor, right click your clock and choose Adjust Date/Time. If time zone is incorrect, reset time zone first, and then time and date. Once the changes are saved, log off JMeeting. Log back into JMeeting, and the problem should be solved.

Why are there 0 cams on my list?

JMeeting.com sends video streams on port 80. Port 8080 is used to broadcast your cam to the server. If either of those ports are blocked or filtered you may have problems. Please make sure that no firewall blocks those ports. Another problem is that the privacy features in some firewalls like for example Norton Internet Security and Zone Alarm remove some HTTP fields from the network request.

Please see this link for help with the issue: I have zero cams

I get “Input String” error when I try to see a cam

This often occurs at hotels due to their firewall blocking port 8080. You can try asking the hotel for access, but unless they open the port for you, you will not be able to watch cams.

This also occurs fairly often with mobile hot-spots, due to their use of port 8080 internally. Some hot-spots are configurable in this regard. Check with the vendor of the device for support.

Terms & Conditions (6)


Chat, Camera/Broadcaster, Forum and Website Bans are at our sole discretion. No refunds or credit will be issued as a result of inability to use the service due to a Ban.


We reserve the right to remove any content that in our sole discretion is inappropriate. We reserve the right to ban anyone from the forums for any reason.


Jmeeting.com understands that you value your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise make our subscriber email addresses available to any third party. Jmeeting.com reserves the right to send occasional informational messages to you about the services that we offer or supply to you. You may not send SPAM in any form on Jmeeting.com systems. This includes, but is not limited to, SPAM postings of any sort on Jmeeting.com, status updates, profiles, cam descriptions, private message, chat servers, forums, or by broadcasting over video in any form.

Copyrighted Material

Rebroadcast and/or posting of copyrighted material, including, but not limited, commercial movies, television shows, either video, audio, or still images is expressly forbidden. Violators are subject to ban. To report a copyright violation, the copyright owner or their duly authorized representative should E-Mail a DMCA notice with the pertinent information; ie. Camera name, date, time, and description of the infringing material.

Terms Of Service

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Privacy Policy

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